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The Australian author, critic, broadcaster, poet, translator, and memoirist, Clive James, once said: “Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.” So it is that our comics, while humorous in nature, very often reflect common sense — a sense that seems increasingly forgotten as time goes on.

In our blog, we hope to expand on that common sense, to clarify some things, to debunk some others. We hope to help you see the complex can be made simple, that it should be made simple. We hope to reinforce what you already know to be true — that because the simplest things are the most memorable, they’re the most effective. We hope to work with you to create simple, effective messages to promote your business and your interests. Most of all, we hope to have fun doing those things with you and to make common sense dance.

Know Your Target Audience

Know Your Target Audience In the discovery sessions we conduct with our clients before creating their marketing programs, we insist on having all their stakeholders present. We define stakeholders as anyone with the authority and autonomy to show up at any time — up...

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Sometimes You Have to Show Up

Sometimes You Have to Show Up If you're anything like us, you think you hear almost as much about telecommuting as you hear about innovation, disruption, and other things that almost never happen. But according to,...

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Survey Says!

Survey Says! We've noticed something that seems to have become unnervingly common practice at car dealerships. After you've bought a car, or even if you've just taken it in for service, you get a speech that goes something like this from the salesperson or the service...

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Place This

Place This Product placements have achieved a state of such near-ubiquity that it's almost impossible to compete with them or to think of new places for them to appear. From race cars to TV programs and movies, from sporting arenas to the tops of NBA backboards and...

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♫ Stormy Weather ♫

♫ Stormy Weather ♫ We're all for collaborating, sharing ideas, challenging each other to be creative, and entertaining unorthodox perspectives, approaches, and methodologies. But you have to remember that, if anything constructive is to come from brainstorming, the...

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Set Sale for Neverland

Set Sale for Neverland We've always loved the idea of sales forecasting. In fact, it's one of our favorite parts of business planning. One of the reasons we love it so much is that it's like meteorology and economics: It's as much art as science. It's as much luck as...

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Put Me In, Coach

Put Me In, Coach We reported for duty today with an irresistible inclination to ask rhetorical questions. Rather than resist, we opted to cave to the compulsion. So, here we go: If you were a football coach, would you send the smallest player on your team to block the...

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Economies of Scaling

Economies of Scaling Since we're nothing if not relentlessly curious, we were looking over a list of rare things recently. We found the usual suspects: Hen's teeth. Blue roses. Black swans. Winter Olympics in Hell. An honest politician. You get the idea. But we didn't...

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Terminological Confusion

Terminological Confusion Sometimes marketing, particularly marketing terminology, can be its own worst enemy. Given the rate at which we marketing folks mass-produce jargon and buzzwords, it's no wonder people get confused. In fact, some of the terms even confuse us....

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Social Media Mobs

Social Media Mobs Perhaps no entity did as much to popularize the motif of the angry mob as Universal Pictures. Starting with Frankenstein, almost every one of the classic Universal monster films featured what came to be the de rigueur mob scene. Little did the studio...

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