Max Impact

We wanted a way to promote our work with a practical presentation of it. But we weren’t sure how to go about it. We’d have thought less of ourselves if we’d resorted to something like a white paper or a simple page of explanatory text. So we opted to combine the two media (content and illustration) in the fashion of a graphic novel. And we decided to create a protagonist for what’s intended to be a series of similar pieces.

So, meet Max Impact, Marketing Detective. He’s not the most patient guy in the world. But he knows his stuff. And he’s determined to get to the bottom of every marketing misadventure, no matter how much gum he gets on his shoes. He may be hardboiled. But he has a soft spot for effective communication. You’ll find all of his cases, right here, as soon as they come off the presses.

The Case of the Third Degree

Volume 2, Issue 2
September 2017

The Case of the Better Mousetrap

Volume 2, Issue 1
May 2017

Previous Installments

The Compelling Content Caper
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The Case of the Added Ads
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The Tangled Web
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The Case of the Malcontent Mogul
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