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There’s an old saying that goes like this: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him do an inward somersault with a triple twist. Likewise, you can create all the content you want, but you can’t expect it to be effective if it’s not consumed.

If your content’s not consumed, it won’t matter how much time and money you spent creating it. You’ll just have to spend more time and more money creating it again — or paying your support team to work the phones. And that will cost you even more time and money because:

  1. Your clients, frustrated by their inability to do what they’re supposed to do with your product or service, will likely vent. That venting isn’t likely to do your business, your brand, or your reputation any favors. Hello, public relations challenge.
  2. The busier your support reps are, the less responsive they can be. The long waits and interminable voice-mail prompts your customers experience will only compound #1.
  3. If everything’s important, nothing’s important. That means legitimate problems with your product or service will likely go unattended because of #2, which will continue to compound #1.

Are you starting to sense a pattern here?

The key to breaking that pattern — the key, in fact, to making all of your content effectively consumable — is to simplify. Simplification is the reason just 0.0037 percent of the world’s population has read War and Peace, while 99 percent of the world’s population has read Peanuts. And it’s the reason we created BizComics.

Comics can simplify and convey the most complicated content, breaking it down into readily consumable, highly memorable, and persuasively engaging snippets of wit and wisdom. Whether your content comprises marketing messages, user manuals, social media memes, advertisements, or almost any content in any medium, comics can increase your customers’ interest and save your business time and money.

Now that’s a simple message.